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    Chemical formula: C3H5NO
    amide of acrylic acid, monomer
    Country of origin: China
    Packing: 25 kg bags.
    CAS: 79-06-1


    Acrylamide – white odorless crystalline solid, soluble in water, ethanol, ether and chloroform. Acrylamide decomposes in the presence of acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents iron and iron salts. In industry, acrylamide is used to synthesize polyacrylamides, which are used as water soluble thickeners. These include use in wastewater treatment, paper production, ore processing, tertiary oil recovery, and production of crease-resistant fabric. Some acrylamide is used in the manufacture of dyes and the manufacture of other monomers.

    Characteristics Specification
    Acrylamide, %, min 98,0
    Water, %, max 1,0
    Color 20% solution, HAZEN, max 10
    Inhibitor, ppm 3,0 - 7,0
    Conductivity of 40% solution, μs/cm, max 20
    Iron content, %, max 0,0001
    UN classification
    Secondary hazard UN: 6.1
    Packing group UN: III
    Shelf life: 1 year from production date.

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