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    Adipic acid

    (hexanedioic acid)
    Chemical formula: C6H10O4
    white crystalline powder
    CAS: 124-04-9
    EINECS: 204-673-3
    Adipic acid

    Adipic acid - ultimate dibasic carboxylic acid. Is a colourless monoclinic crystals easily soluble in alcohol or ether and in hard water; distilled without decomposition. Adipic acid is an important intermediate in the manufacture of synthetic nylon fibers, polyhexamethylenediamine, polyurethanes. Also used as a dietary Supplement, E355 (mild acidifier with a low hygroscopicity and a sour taste in the production of soft drinks, chewing gum, confectionery, etc.).
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    bags 25 kg
    1 year from production date
    Properties Method Unit Threshold value
    Total nitrogen as nitric acid MA 0065 ppm 20 max
    Ashes MA 0064 ppm 5 max
    Colour MA 0051 HAZEN 5 max
    Colour on melted roduct MA 0067 APHA 10 max
    Nitrates MA 0276 ppm 5 max
    Iron MA 0226 ppm 0,2 max
    Calcium MA 0226 ppm 4 max
    Melting point MA 0069 ˚C 152 ± 0,5
    Moisture MA 0052 % 0,2 max
    Assay MA 0071 % 99,8 min
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