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    Allyl chloride

    Chemical formula: C3H5Cl
    colorless liquid with a pungent odor
    CAS: 107-05-1
    EINECS: 203-457-6
    Allyl chloride

    Allyl chloride soluble in the usual organic solvents, in water insoluble. The solubility of allyl chloride in water equals to 0.36% at 20°C, and water in allyl chloride to 0.08% at 20°C. With water allyl chloride form an azeotropic mixture, and reacts at the double bond, typical of nenasyshchennykh connections. Chlorine in allyl chloride is mobile and can easily be replaced on the hydroxyl or amine group with the formation respectively of allyl alcohol or allylamine. At the boiling point in the presence of peroxides in the allyl chloride polymerized and readily forms ethers and esters. The allyl chloride is produced by chlorination of propylene at 500°C. When the ratio of propylene to chlorine of 5 to 1, achieved an approximate yield of the final product in 80% chlorine. Allyl chloride used for the production of epichlorohydrin for synthetic glycerin, allyl alcohol and various allyl esters, allylamine, cyclopropane, alisaray, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, and plastics, adhesives and emollients. The allyl chloride is widespread in industrial synthesis due to the high reactivity.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    drums 185 kg, bulk
    1 year from production date
    Characteristics Units Specification
    Clear without suspended matter - Conform
    Purity % w/w >= 99,0
    Water mg/kg <= 100
    Stabilizer g/kg 0,5 - 0,9
    Clear without suspended matter - Conform
    Purity % w/w >= 99,0
    Water mg/kg <= 100
    Stabilizer None Stabilizer None
    UN classification
    Hazard class UN: 3
    The secondary danger UN: 6.1
    Packing group UN: I

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