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    Ammonium chloride

    (Sal ammoniac, Salmiac)
    Формула: NH4Cl
    Granules or white powder
    Hazard class: 3 (moderately hazardous
    CAS: 12125-02-9

    Аммоний хлористый
    Ammonium chloride or ammonium salt is a white hygroscopic powder, odorless. Is a by-product in the manufacture of soda. Has wide range of applications, including: component nitrogen fertilizers for alkaline soils, used in the manufacture of dry batteries and galvanic elements, used as a flux when soldering is added to medicines, is used as demobrowser, also registered as a food additive Е510.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    GOST 2210-73
    bags 35 kg.
    6 months from the date of production
    Characteristics Specification
    Appearance White powder or white granules with a yellow or pinkish tinge Powder or granules of white or slightly yellowish color
    Ammonium chloride, %, min 99,6 99,0
    Water, %, max 0,2 1,0
    Sodium chloride, %, max 0,05 0,10
    carbonate salts in terms of (NH4)2CO3, %, max 0,010 0,025
    Iron, %, max 0,003 0,010
    Heavy metals hydrogen sulfide group, %, max 0,0005 0,0025
    Arsenic, %, max 0,0005 0,0010
    Free acid stands the test not regulated
    Water-insoluble substances, %, max 0,02 0,05
    Sulphates in conversion to Na2SO4 (sodium sulfate), %, max 0,05 0,10

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