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    chemically resistant putty
    Country of origin: Russia
    Meets: TU 2257-007-75678843-2009
    solution - steel drums
    powder paper bags with polyethylene liner

    Putty Arzamit-5 is cyclododecanone thermally conductive material consisting of two components: solution and powder. The ratio of components in the batch should be from 0.7:1.0 to 1,0:1,0 mass parts. Putty of arzamit-5 is designed for corrosion protection of equipment and building structures as a binder for refractory lining of the equipment and the cladding of building structures single-piece chemical-resistant materials (acid-resistant ceramic tile, acid resistant brick, etc.), as well as for sealing seams.

    Characteristics Specification
    1.1. solution
    1.2. powder
    1.1. Homogeneous viscous brown liquid without mechanical impurities.
    1.2. Homogeneous powder of black or dark gray.
    Viscosity of the solution at (20+0,5), ˚C by viscometer B3-246 (nozzle 4 mm), s 20 - 120
    Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances in solution, %, min 70,0
    Water in the powder, %, max 3,0
    Mass fraction of hardener powder:
    benzolsulfonat), %
    toluensulfonate, %

    3,0 - 6,0
    5,0 - 12,0
    Residue after sifting on a sieve with a mesh 016К:
    based on neftekams, %, max
    based on graphite, %, max

    Breaking stress at compression, mPa, min
    Acid resistance, % 98,0 - 102,0
    Alkali resistance, %, min 85,0

    Shelf life:
    Guaranteed storage life Арзамит-порошка - 4 months from date of production;
    Guaranteed storage life Арзамит-раствора is the date of production depending on the ambient temperature:
    when the ambient temperature 31-35˚C - 1 month
    when the ambient temperature 26-30˚C - 2 months
    when the ambient temperature 21-25˚C - 3 months
    when the ambient temperature is not above 20˚C - 4 months.

    1. May increase the relative viscosity of the solution to 300 C for the warranty period of storage;
    2. Allowed the formation of a small layer of water on the surface of the solution.

    Working with putty of arzamit-5 must be provided with workwear and individual security measures and devices in accordance with the existing regulations. All activities while working with the putty of arzamit-5 should be performed in areas equipped with ventilation system.

    Transportation all types of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with goods transportation regulations applied to this type of transport.

    Storage must be carried out in a tightly closed container of the manufacturer, at temperature not above +20C in covered warehouses excluding ingress of direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitations, at a distance of not less than 0.5 m from heating devices. It is prohibited to overflow from the container manufacturer in order to avoid the ingress of moisture or acid, which can lead to deterioration in the quality.

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