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    Zinc oxide

    (Zinc white, calamine)
    Chemical formula: ZnO
    Brand BCOM, complies with GOST 202-84
    Country of origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: LLC Zavod "Lakokraska-Yuganets"
    Packing: paper bags 25 kg.

    Zinc oxide

    Zinc white of brand BCOM muffle made from zinc metal. Zinc white represent zinc oxide (ZnO), a synthetic inorganic pigment of white color, used as activator in the manufacture of different models of high quality tires and other rubber products. Zinc oxide widely used in paint industry, dentistry, production of dental cement and abrasive products.

    Characteristics Specification for BCOM
    Compounds of Zn in terms of ZnO, %, min 99,8
    Compounds OF Pb in terms of PbO, %, max 0,008
    Zinc metal, %, max Missing
    Insoluble in HCl residue, %, max 0,003
    Fraction of substances soluble in water, %, max 0,03
    Weight loss during calcination, %, max 0,13
    Sieve residue with mesh, %, max
    № 0056
    № 014

    Hiding power, g/m2, max 120
    Whiteness in conventional units, min 97,4

    Shelf life: 1 year from date of manufacture.
    1. Change the mass fraction of Zn compounds in terms of ZnO to 99.5% and mass loss during annealing in zinc white brand btso to 0.4% in 7 months from the date of manufacture;
    2. Whiteness and hiding power of zinc oxide is normalized to pigment for the manufacture of paint and varnish materials;
    3. Mass fraction of arsenic compounds in white correspond to the norms of the original zinc.

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