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    Boric acid

    (hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid)
    Chemical formula: H3BO3
    Colorless crystalline substance
    Complies with: GOST 18704-78
    CAS: 10043-35-3; 11113-50-1
    EINECS: 233-139-2; 234-343-4

    Boric acid

    Boric acid designed for chemical industry, production glass and ceramics, medicine and other industries. Depending on the application of boric acid produced in two grades: for optical glass manufacturing, A and B. the Product of the brand "for optical glass" is used for optical glass and other special purposes; the product grade A is used for electrolytic capacitors; product grade B – for production of glass, optical glass, medicine and other purposes; product brand for glassmaking, production of enamels and glazes, borax, fertilizers and other boron-containing products.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    bags 25 kg.
    1 year from production date

    Composition UNIT Value
    B2O3 % 56,25 - 56,90
    Equivalent H3BO3 % 99,92 - 101,7
    SO4 ppm Max 300
    Cl ppm Max 5
    Fe ppm Max 4
    Sieve analysis of the granules size, mm
    Composition UNIT Значение
    + 1,000 % Max 4,00
    - 0,063 % Max 4,00
    Heavy metals content
    Components UNIT Значение
    As ppm 0,4
    Cd ppm <0,005
    Pb ppm <0,01
    Cr ppm <0,005
    Hg ppm <0,01

    Safety requirements
    Boric acid is fire and explosion proof, the degree of impact on the body relates to the substances of the 3rd hazard class.
    Hazard class 3

    The basic properties and hazards of

    Basic properties Fine crystalline free flowing white powder.
    Explosion and fire risks Fire and explosion proof.
    Danger to humans Boric acid enters the body when inhaled in the form of vapor or aerosol.Dissolved water, boric acid penetrates through the damaged skin (eczema, cracks, burns), causing poisoning of the human body.
    Personal protective equipment Working with boric acid should apply to respiratory protection personal protective equipment, face and eye goggles, and special clothing and footwear, means of protection of hands.

    Boric acid transporterowych rail, sea, river and motor transport in covered vehicles. The product Packed in special soft containers, transportyour on the open rolling stock.

    Boric acid is stored in closed warehouses with natural ventilation. Product Packed in soft specialized containers may be stored outdoors.
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