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    Ceresin 75

    Ceresin 75
    Country of origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: Slavneft-YANOS
    Conform GOST 2488-79
    Packaging: pellets 5-20 kg, paper drums 160 kg.

    Ceresin is a mixture of solid hydrocarbons methane series, obtained from natural ozokerite, which are found in the Sands and limestones, and paraffin oil. In appearance resembles ceresin beeswax yellow or white in color and odorless. The scope of various microcrystalline wax: used in the manufacture of Shoe creams, medical vaseline, various medicinal ointments, wax, printing ink, candle production, to develop a copy with wax paper, in the manufacture of greases, electrical engineering etc.

    Characteristics Specification
    Appearance A homogeneous mass without visible foreign matter from light yellow to dark yellow
    Dropping temperature, °С 75 - 80
    Penetration 0,1 mm, max 18
    Mechanical impurities, %, max 0,02
    Water, %, max missing
    Ash, %, max 0,02
    Acid number, mg KOH for 1 gr. ceresin, max 0,06
    Water-soluble acids and alkalis missing
    Colour, CNT units, max 5

    Warranty storage period: 3 years from manufacturing date.
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