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    Diethylene glycol

    DEG, 2,2'-Oxydi(ethan-1-ol)
    Chemical formula: C4H10O3
    White transparent viscous liquid
    Corresponds to GOST 10136-77, grade "A"

    Diethylene glycol

    Diethylene glycol – colorless, viscous hygroscopic liquid, odorless, sweet taste, miscible with water, lower alcohols, glycols, acetone, phenol. Diethylene glycol – a raw material in the production of polyurethanes, coolants, olygoesteracrylates, brake hydraulic and lubricating fluids, gas dryer, humidifier tobacco.
    Country of origin
    Guaranteed storage life
    JSC "SIBUR-Neftekhim"
    drums, IBS, bulk в
    1 year from date of manufacture

    Characteristics Specification
    Color HAZEN, max 10
    Density at 20°C g/cm3 1,116-1,117
    Organic impurities, %, max
    including ethylene glycol, %, не менее
    Diethylene glycol, %, min 99,5
    Water, %, min 0,05
    Acidity in terms of acetic acid, %, max 0,005
    Saponification value, mg Koh per 1 g deg, max 0,1
    Temperature limits of distillation: at a pressure of 101.3 kPa (760 mm Hg)
    initial boiling point, °C, not below the
    end boiling point, °C, not above


    Hazard class: 3 (moderate hazard).
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