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    (DOA, Dioctyl hexanedioate)
    Chemical formula: C22H42O4
    Country of origin: EU
    Packaging: barrel, IBC
    CAS: 103-23-1
    EINECS: 203-090-1

    Dioctyladipate is a little volatile high-boiling liquid. Compared to ftalaty a number of more harmless and therefore DOA is the most used plasticizer in the production of films for food packaging, shoes, PVC profiles, cables, hoses, artificial leather, linoleum, toys, ceilings, frost and light resistant nitro lacquer, and many other products of everyday use. Dioctyladipate (DOA) is included in the list of safe substances permitted for use in contact with food. Highly efficient plasticizer for PVC, polyvinylacetate, esters of cellulose, polystyrene, chlorinated rubber, acrylic and other synthetic resins. Gives the finished compositions, frost, abrasion resistance and light resistance. In the production of plastisols ensures low viscosity and high viscosity stability.

    Characteristics Specification
    Color Pt-Co, max 40
    Density at 20°C, g/cm3 0,922 - 0,930
    Saponification value, MLG KOH/g, max 290,0
    Acid number, MLG KOH/g, min 0,15
    Ignition temperature, °C, min 195,0
    Residue after burning, % , max 0,02
    Refractive light index 1,446 - 1,450
    Water, %, max 0,1

    Guaranteed storage life: 1 year from production date.
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