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    Titanium dioxide

    Titanium dioxide
    Chemical formula: TiO2
    White powder
    Conform TU 24.1-05762329-001-2003
    CAS: 13463-67-7
    EINECS: 236-675-5

    Titanium dioxide
    Titanium dioxide — synthetic inorganic pigment of white color obtained by the hydrolysis of solutions of titanium sulfate and calcining the hydrated titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is widely used as a white pigment in the paint industry, in production of synthetic fibers, plastics, rubber products, artificial leather, film materials, in the production of ceramic dielectrics, heat-resistant and optical glass with white enamel as components in coating of electrodes for electric welding and coating of the molds.
    Country of origin
    Guaranteed storage life
    paper bags 25 kg.
    1 year from date of manufacture
    Characteristics Specification
    Crimea TIOx-220 Crimea TIOx-230
    Titanium dioxide, %, min 93,0 90,0
    Substances soluble in water, %, max 0,3 0,2
    Volatile substances, %, max 0,5 0,5
    pH of water suspension 6,5 - 0,8 6,5 - 0,8
    Residue on the sieve 0045, %, max 0,03 0,01
    Whiteness, conventional units, min 94,5 96,0
    Rutile form, %, min 97,0 97,0
    Razvalivayutsya capability, conventional units, min 1800 1900
    Hiding power, g/m2, max 35 35
    Dispersibility, mkm, max 15 15
    Oil absorption, g/100g of pigment, max 25 25

    Remark: The pigmentary titanium dioxide has no toxic irritating effect, does not emit into the environment of toxic substances and has no direct contact influence on the human body.
    Storage: Store in the original packaging in dry covered warehouses. While working with the product should prevent formation of aerosols. To use means of individual protection of respiratory organs.
    Transportation: Product transporterowych all kinds of transport in accordance with the rules of carriage valid for this mode of transport. The cargo is not classified as hazardous according to international transport regulations. Mandatory sign "Protect from moisture".
    Hazard class: 4.
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