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    Chemical formula: C₂H₈N₂
    CAS: 107-15-3
    EINECS: 203-468-6

    Ethylenediamine is the organic compound from the class of amines, a widely used building block in chemical synthesis.
    Application: getting ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid interaction with chloroacetic acid. Its salts with fatty acids are used as softening agents in the manufacture of textiles. Also the Ethylenediamine used in the manufacture of dyes, emulsifiers, stabilizers, latex, plasticizers, fungicides, medicines.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    180 kg drums
    1 year from production date
    Characteristics Specification
    Appearance Colorless transparent or yellowish liquid
    Ethylenediamine, %, min 99,5
    Water, %, max 0,5
    Organic impurities, %, max 0,5
    UN classification
    Hazard class UN: 8
    The secondary danger at the UN: 3
    Packing group UN: II
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