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    halogenated aliphatic polyether dio
    Country of origin: Germany
    Producer: SOLVAY FLUOR GmbH
    Packing: barrels 300 kg, IBC 1500 kg, bulk
    CAS: 68441-62-3

    POLYOL IXOL ® M 125 is compatible with all usual polyols and with flame retardant additives such as for example phosphoric acid esters. IXOL® M125 has a good premix stability in preformulated systems, even if stored for a longer time. The use of IXOL® M125 therefore offers full flexibility in formulation. Nevertheless, formulators and users are advised to check that their formulations or the properties of their resulting foam do not alter with time, when long term stability of the blends is required. IXOL® M125 is a medium viscous polyol at room temperature which enables an easy processing or use in special application such as one component foams (OCF).

    Chemical Data
    Determination Solvay Method Specification Units
    Specific weigth (25°C) Z_QM_2554 1,550 - 1,590 kg/l
    Hydroxylnumber as KOH Z_QM_2721 227 - 251 mg/g
    Water Z_QM_2246 < 0,2 % wt.
    Viscosity (25°C) Z_QM_2725 2400 - 3400 mPa s
    Acidity as KOH Z_QM_2723 < 0,3 mg/g
    Physical Data
    Description viscous liquid, hygroscopic
    Boiling point > 150°C decomposition
    Density 1,56 kg/l
    Melting point -37°C - -44°C
    Wasser 220 g/l

    IXOL® M125 imparts advantages as a high performance flame retardant in the following main applications:
  • One component foams: IXOL® M125 used in combination with polyether polyols or with polyester polyols gives a foam achieving a high flame suppression standard, for example the B2/B1 classification in OCF.
  • PIR foams blown with HCFCs such as Solkane 141b or hydrocarbons such as n-pentane: The use of IXOL® M125 allows a reduction of the isocyanate index and therefore has a positive impact on the foam friability.
  • Adhesives: IXOL® M125 improves the fire performance of PU based adhesives.
  • PU-based Glue systems can be improved by addition of IXOL M125 according the fire behaviour.

  • POLYOL IXOL ® B 251 – Thermal insulation is part of the state-of-the art way of construction, be it for individual houses, commercial complexes, industrial structures or public buildings. In this area rigid polyurethane foams (PUR) are established as the most efficient thermal insulation material that is manufactured on industrial scale. The outstanding characteristics of this cellular material are becoming nowadays a major item because of the necessity to protect our environment, in particular by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases through a lower energy consumption (reduction of carbon dioxide emissions). For obvious safety reasons, rigid polyurethane foams must comply with various standardized tests defined by national or international regulations. IXOL® B251 gives the possibility to produce rigid polyurethane foams which can achieve the requirements of many European and American tests. Rigid polyurethane foams formulated with IXOL® B251 in particular can pass tests even with high requirements. The polyol IXOL® B251 is compatible with all usual polyols and with non reactive flame retardants such as phosphoric acid esters. It presents moreover useful synergism with these compounds. The use of IXOL® B251 offers therefore considerable flexibility in formulation. Nevertheless, system houses are advised to check that their formulations do not alter with time whenever a long term stability of the polyol blend is required.

    Physical and Chemical Data
    Description viscous liquid, hygroscopic
    Melting point < -20°C
    Boiling point > 160°C, Decomposition
    Flash poin = 196°C (open cup)
    Concentration >= 93,5%

    Formulations containing the polyol IXOL® B251 can be used in the most varied processing techniques such as e.g.:
  • Injection moulding in "sandwich" plates for the manufacture of cladding panels or elements for cooling chambers and cold stores.
  • Continuous production of panels (laminates).
  • Manufacture of block foams which can be cut into plates or tailor-made shapes.
  • In-situ projection or cast molding for roof tightening and insulation, vertical or under-face insulation.

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