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    Castor oil

    Refined castor oil FSG
    (first special grade)
    Chemical formula: C3H5(C18H33O3)3
    Country of origin: India
    Packaging: drums 225 kg
    CAS: 8001-79-4

    Castor oil widely used in aviation, textile, paint industries. Castor oil is valuable due to esters, which have good lubricating properties. It is important that the esters are so-called "lubricity" additive to the base. It has long been used in the production of greases. Castor oil is used for preparation of fuel mixtures and compression glow engines. When heated to 260-265 castor oil gives polymers, insoluble in alcohol. Castor oil for technical use in the chemical, printing and other industries.

    Characteristics Specification
    Acid number, mgKOH/kg, max 2,0
    Iodine number, g I2/100 g 82 - 90
    Saponification value, mgKOH/g 177 - 185
    Hydroxyl number, mgKOH/g 160 - 168
    Water and volatile matter, insoluble impurities, %, max 0,25
    Density at 30°C, kg/dm3 0,945 - 0,965
    Refractive index at 40°C 1,477-1,4810
    Free fatty acids, %, max 1,0
    Color Lovibonda, max


    Guaranteed storage life: 3 years from production date.
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