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    (liquid chlorinated paraffin grade ХП-470А)
    Chemical formula: CnH2n+2-xClх, n=10÷30, х=1÷7
    Country of origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: KAUSTIK
    Packaging: drums, IBC, bulk

    Chloroparaffin ХП-470А - secondary plasticiser in PVC and other polymer compositions. Used in the production of plastisols and pastes PVC, the plasticizer emulsion resin; and as a liquid filler, in the production of cable compounds. In the production of enamels, acrylic paints, alkyd paints, traffic paints, enamel, silicate enamels.

    Characteristics Specification
    Density at 20°C, kg/m3, в пределах 1185 - 1235
    Chlorine (Cl), %, within 45 - 49
    Acids evaluated in HCl, %, max 0,0005
    Iron, %, max 0,004
    Thermal stability in terms of the split-off HCl, %, max 0,2
    Chromaticity by iodine scale, mg J2/100 cm3, max 5

    Warranty storage period: 1 year from production date.
    Hazard class: 4 (flammable, non-explosive, non-volatile).
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