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    Citric acid

    citric acid monohydrate food
    Chemical formula: C6H8O7
    Complies with GOST 908-2004
    Country of origin: Russia, China
    Packing: paper bags 25 kg.

    Citric acid

    Citric acid monohydrate is a colorless crystals, similar in appearance to sugar, soluble in water (133 g in 100 ml), ethanol and ether. The structure of dry and bulk, produced in crystal, pieces and powder. Citric acid is the most mild compared to other acid to taste and has a pleasant sour taste. Citric acid is present in most fruits, vegetables and berries, particularly rich in its citrus fruits, pomegranates, gooseberries, and currants. Citric acid, being not alien, but rather a friendly and necessary for a person with a substance stimulates the secretory function of the pancreas, increasing the secretion of gastric juice, which in turn increases appetite and promotes better digestion.

    Characteristics Specification
    Appearance and color Colourless crystals or white powder
    Taste Sour, without foreign taste
    Smell No smell
    Structure Loose and dry
    Mechanical impurities Not allowed
    Identification of citric acid Stands the test
    Mass fraction of acid monohydrate(C6H8O7▪Н2О), % 99,5 - 100,5
    Water, % 7,8 - 8,8
    Sulfated ash, %, max 0,05
    Sulfates, %, max 0,015
    Oxalate, %, max 0,01
    Test for ferrocyanides Stands the test
    Test legkousvoyaemye substances Stands the test
    Isatine iron Stands the test
    Arsenic, %, max 0,00007
    Plumbum, %, max 0,00005

    Storage life: 2 years from date of manufacture.
    Storage conditions: in covered storage spaces on wooden shelves or pallets at a relative humidity of not more than 70%.
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