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    Maleic anhydride

    Chemical formula: C4H2O3
    Complies with GOST 11153-75
    CAS: 108-31-6
    EINECS: 203-571-6

    Maleic anhydride
    Maleic anhydride - white pastilles with a pungent odor. The main applications of the product - manufacture of polyester resins and other polyester products. From maleic anhydride is easily hydrolyzed maleic and fumaric acid. In the small volumes used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, as a component of detergents, plasticizers, hardeners for epoxy resins.
    Country of origin
    Guaranteed storage life
    bags 25 kg
    1 year from date of manufacture

    Characteristics Specification
    Maleic anhydride, %, min 99,5
    Color (Hazen/APHA) at 60 °С, max 20
    Solidification temperature, °С 52,5
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