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    Copper sulphate

    (cupric sulfate)
    Chemical formula: CuSO4
    Complies with GOST19347-99
    CAS: 7758-99-8

    Copper sulphate
    Copper sulphate is the blue crystals of blue, an unpleasant metallic taste. On the air disappears. Above 110°C, the copper sulphate begins to lose water of crystallization, turning into blue crystals, and at 258°C — completely dehydrated. Copper sulphate is soluble in water and diluted alcohol, insoluble in dehydrated alcohol. Aqueous solutions are slightly reaction. Copper sulphate used as a mordant in dyeing textiles, preserving wood, seed treatment, as a pesticide, antiseptic and astringent, pigment in paints, for tanning, as a depressant in flotation, the component of the electrolyte in the refining of copper, in the electroplating.
    Country of origin
    Guaranteed storage life
    LLC "Intermix Met"
    bags 25 (50) kg
    1 year from date of manufacture

    Characteristics Specification - Grade А
    Copper sulphate:
    ▪ in terms of CuSO4·5H2O, min 98,0
    ▪ in terms of copper, min 24,94
    Free sulfuric acid, max 0,25
    Residue insoluble in water, max 0,05
    Arsenic, max 0,012

    Storage life: 2 years from date of manufacture.
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