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    Methylene chloride

    Dichloromethane, DCM
    Chemical formula: CH2Cl2
    CAS: 75-09-2
    EINECS: 200-838-9

    Methylene chloride

    Methylene chloride – widely used in various industries solvent. Because of the high volatility, very dangerous, not only for humans but also the environment. Unfortunately, at the moment has not invented the substance, which is able to massively replace methylene chloride in industrial production. Therefore its consumption is now at a high level, both in Russia and abroad. The relative cheapness, ability to dissolve many organic substances of relatively low toxicity has led to a wide range of tasks solved with its help. Used for degreasing surfaces, dissolution of bitumen, fats, resin. In the food industry used in the production of instant coffee and not only. The same is used as a refrigerant and in the process of photo and video film. In short, a very popular chemical raw materials.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    drums 260 kg
    1 year from production date

    Characteristics Units Specification
    Purity (without stabilizers) % w/w >= 99,95
    Carbon tetrachloride mg/kg <= 12
    Stabilizer (Amylene) mg/kg 40 - 60
    Moisture (H2O) mg/kg <= 50
    Acidity (HCl) mg/kg <= 5
    Oxidizing Compounds (Cl2) mg/kg <= 1
    Non volatile residue mg/kg <= 10
    Color APHA <= 10
    Clear without suspended matter - Conform
    Density range d20/4 - 1,318 - 1,329

    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    PJSC "Khimprom"
    drums 270 kg
    3 months from date of production
    ТU 2412-426-05763441-2004
    Characteristics Specification
    Top grade First grade
    Appearance Colorless transparent liquid without mechanical impurities Transparent liquid without mechanical impurities colorless to yellow-pink color
    Density at 20 °С, g/cm3 1,326 - 1,328 1,324 - 1,329
    Water, %, max 0,01 0,04
    Residue after evaporation, %, max 0,0005 0,0008
    Fe, %, max 0,0001 0,0003
    Acidity (HCl), %, max
    0,0004 0,0008
    Methylene chloride, %, min
    99,7 98,8
    Organochlorine impurities, %, max
    0,23 1,10
    including the mass fraction of chloroform, %, max
    0,2 0,8
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