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    Sodium hydroxide

    (caustic soda, lye)
    Chemical formula: NaOH
    Country of origin: China, Russia
    Corresponds TU 2132-185-00203312-99
    Packing: 25 kg bags.
    CAS: 1310-73-2

    Sodium hydroxide

    Sodium hydroxide technical flaked widely applied in many industries: pulp and paper industry for delignification (sulfate process) for pulp, in the manufacture of paper, cardboard, synthetic fibers, wood-fiber boards; in chemical industries to neutralize acids and acidic oxides, as a reagent or catalyst in chemical reactions, in chemical analysis for the titration, for etching aluminum and in the production of pure metals in oil refining for the production of oils; manufacturing of biodiesel; as the agent for dissolving blockages of sewer pipes, cosmetology, and agriculture. Registered as a food additive E-524.

    Characteristics Specification
    Sodium hydroxide, %, min 98,8
    Sodium chloride, %, max 0,05
    Iron in terms of Fe2O3, %, max 0,008
    Sodium carbonate, %, max 0,5

    Warranty period: 1 year from date of manufacture.
    hazard Class: 2 (highly hazardous substance).
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