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    Plate polyisobutylene

    Country of origin: Russia
    Conform TU 38-105203-87
    Packing: 8-15 kg coils in wooden boxes

    Plate polyisobutylene

    Plate polyisobutylene made on the basis of synthetic rubber P-200. Plate polyisobutylene PSG is designed to protect equipment, building structures, tanks and flues from the action of mineral and organic acids, alkalis and other corrosive mediums of any concentration. Working environment temperature from -30 to +700°C. Supplied in plate thickness 2,5 mm plate Size: width 900mm, length 4000-10000mm, the weight of the roll 16-45kg.
    For the manufacture of anticorrosive coating needed inside of the tank cleaned of rust by mechanical means, dust off, treat with a degreaser, apply successively two coats of glue 88 is the first to dry completely, the second to the effect of adhesion, impose polyisobutylene plate lapped and rolled using a roller.

    Quality characteristics
    1. Conditional tensile strength not less than 1,7 MPa
    2. Elongation at break of not less than 290%
    3. Weld strength not less than 490,3 N/mm
    4. Strength in the range of 1550-1850 kg/m3

    Strength in the range of 1550-1850 kg/m3 Polyisobutylene plate should be kept in limbo. In storage must be protected from exposure to direct sunlight and to be no closer than 1 m from heating devices. The plate should not be subjected to the action of oils, solvents and others destroy the rubber substances. During storage and transportation at low temperatures, polyisobutylene plate before use should be kept at the temperature of (18 — 22°C) for 24 hours.

    Warranty storage period: 14 months from production date.
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