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    Polyacrylamide gel

    poly(2-propenamide) or poly(1-carbamoylation)
    Chemical formula: (-CH2CHCONH2-)n
    Country of origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: FSE "Piant named Y.M.Sverdlova"
    Conform TU 2216-042-07510508-2009

    Polyacrylamide gel designed for flocculation in mining, coal, oil industry, black and nonferrous metallurgy, for the treatment of water in domestic water supply, for the clarification of wort and wine materials, as well as for the pulp, paper, and textile industries.

    Characteristics Norm for the grade
    higher first
    Polyacrylamide gel, %, min 6,0 5,0
    Kinematic solution viscosity of polyacrylamide gel with a mass fraction of 0,25% solution of sodium chloride with a mass fraction of 3% at 30°C, mm2/s, min 3,0 2,2
    Deposition rate for oxide of copper, mm/s, min 8,0 4,0
    Mass fraction of residual acrylamide per 1 kg of the basic substance, mg, max 250 250

    Warranty storage period: 6 months from the date of manufacture.
    Transportation: polyacrylamide gel transporterowych rail, river and road transport in accordance with cargo carriage regulations applicable for this type of transport, provided protection products from rain.
    Storage: polyacrylamide gel should be stored in covered warehouses at temperatures not exceeding 35°C.
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