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    Propionic acid

    (propanoic acid)
    Chemical formula: C3H6O2
    CAS: 79-09-4
    EINECS: 201-176-3
    Propionic acid

    Propionic acid and its derivatives are used in the production of herbicides (propanol, dichlorprop), medicines (ibuprofen, fenobolin, etc.), fragrances (benzyl-, phenyl-, geranyl-, linalool - propionates), plastics (e.g., polyvinylbutyrate), solvents (propyl-, butyl-, pencilpoint, etc.), viniplastovaya and surfactants (glycol ethers). Propionic acid prevents the growth of mold and some bacteria. So most of the produced propionic acid is used as a preservative in food for human consumption, and in products for animals. In products for animals is applied directly propionic acid or its ammonium salt (propionate ammonium). In products for human consumption, especially in bread and other bakery products, propionic acid is used as sodium (propionate sodium) or calcium (calcium propionate), salt.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    25 kg canisters
    1 year from production date
    Characteristics Specification
    Propionic acid, %, min 99,7
    Water, %, max 0,02
    Aldehydes, %, max 0,00
    Color Pt-Co < 5
    Heavy metals, ppm, max 0,00
    Non-volatile residue, ppm, max 0,00
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