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    Oxalic acid

    (Ethanedioic acid)
    Chemical formula: НООС-СООН
    Country of origin: India, China
    Conform GOST 22180-76
    Packing: 25 kg bags.
    CAS: 64-18-6

    Oxalic acid

    Oxalic acid is a crystalline substance, odorless, sparingly soluble in water, ethanol, diethyl ether. Oxalic acid is the simplest dicarboxylic acid, acetic exceeds 10,000 times. Its salts and esters are called oxalates. Oxalic acid occurs naturally in many plants. For example, is contained in the sorrel in the form of potassium oxalate. Oxalic acid is used in textile and leather industry as mordants; used as an insecticide, as a reagent for wastewater treatment, as precipitating agent in the extraction of rare earth metals. Oxalic acid is also highly effective for cleaning metal surfaces from oxide films.

    Characteristics Specification
    Oxalic acid, %, min 99,6
    Appearance White crystals
    Chlorides, %, max 0,0001
    Sulphate, %, max 0,1
    Iron, %, max 0,003
    Sulfated ash, %, max 0,1
    Calcium, %, max 0,001
    Magnesium, %, max 0,001

    Warranty storage period: 1 year from date of manufacture.
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