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    Silica gel

    solid hydrophilic sorbent
    Chemical formula: xSiO2*nH2O
    Country of origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: KARPOVconcern
    Conform GOST 3956-76

    Silica gel technical is a dried silica gel porous structure with a strongly developed internal surface. Depending on the shape of the grains of silica gel technical release granular and lump, and depending on the porosity of the structure is fine-pored and large-pored. Technical silica gel is used as adsorbent for drying and purification of air and other gases and vapors, for drying and clarification of certain liquids, as a carrier for catalysts.

    Characteristics Norm for grade
    Grain size, mm 2,8-7,0 2,8-7,0
    Mass fraction of granules, %, min 94,0 94,0
    Mechanical strength, %, min 94,0 86,0
    Loss on drying, %, max 10 5
    Bulk density, g/dm3, min 720 400
    Moisture content, %, min, at a relative humidity of:
    20% 9,0 not regulated
    40% 16,0 not regulated
    60% 25,0 not regulated
    100% not regulated 70,0

    Warranty storage period : 1 year from the date of manufacture.
    Packing: Polypropylene bag with polyethylene liner weighing 25 or 35 kg.
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