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    Epoxy ED-16, ED-20

    Grade: ED-16, ED-20
    Country of origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: FSE "Piant named Y.M.Sverdlova"
    Conform GOST 10587-84
    Packing: 50 kg drums.

    Epoxy ED-16, ED-20 are the soluble and fusible reactive oligomeric products based on epichlorohydrin and diphenylolpropane, which can be converted to infusible and insoluble condition under the action of the hardening agents of different types. Use epoxy resin in electrical, electronic industry, aircraft, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, in construction as a component of potting and impregnating compounds, adhesives, sealants, binders for reinforced plastics.

    Characteristics Specification
    ED-16 ED-20
    Appearance High viscosity, clear without visible mechanical inclusions and traces of water Viscous, clear, without visible mechanical inclusions and traces of water
    Color iron-cobalt scale, max 3 3
    Epoxy groups, % 16-18 20-22,5
    Chlorine-ion, %, max 0,002 0,001
    Saponifiable chloride, %, max 0,3 0,3
    Hydroxyl groups, %, max 2,5 1,7
    Volatile substances, %, max 0,2 0,2
    Dynamic viscosity, Pa*s, at 50°C 5-18 13-20
    Time of gelation with hardener, h, min 4,0 8,0

    Guaranteed storage life:
    ED-16 - 1 year from manufacture date.
    ED-20 - 1,5 year from manufacture date.
    Hazard class: 2 (substances highly dangerous).
    Precautions: working with epoxy resins must be provided with workwear and individual security measures in accordance with typical industry norms: cotton suit, rubber gloves, safety glasses.
    Measures predostorozhnosti and storage: all types of transport in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of cargo transportation applicable to transportation of the corresponding type. Store in tightly closed containers in closed warehouses at temperature not higher than 40ºC.
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