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    Solkane 365 mfc

    (blowing agent)
    Molecular formula: C4H5F5/C3HF7
    Country of origin: France, Germany
    Manufacturer: SOLVAY
    Packing: barrel 240 kg, bulk

    Solkane® 365mfc – versatile tool for gas-forming foams is a HFC last generation. It has no ozone-depleting potential, and its boiling point at 40 °C with him you can contact at room temperature with a conventional fluid. This product is a colorless compound with a faint odor of ether, and it is used for a wide range of applications for polyurethane foams, solvents or heat transfer fluids. The chemical stability of Solkane® 365mfc is even the best in comparison with the HFC HFC 141b. For this reason, there is no need of stabilizers in those cases, if Solkane® 365mfc is stored in appropriate conditions.

    Properties Threshold value
    Solkane 365/227 87:13 Solkane 365/227 93:7
    Appearance volatile, liquid
    Boiling point, °C 24 30
    Density 20°C, kg/l 1,29 1,27
    Melting point, °C - - 34
    Purity, %, min 99,5 99,5
    Acidity (HCl), ppm, max 1,0 1,0
    Water, ppm, max 50 50
    Solkane® 365 mfc, % 86 - 88 92 - 94
    Solkane® 227, % 12 - 14 6 - 8

    Excellent miscibility. Solkane® 365mfc excellent “work in teams”. He has the ability to mix with a wide range of other organic blowing agents, such as other HFCs or even hydrocarbons. For example, mixing of cyclopentane with Solkane® 365mfc significantly increases the value of lambda, reducing the density of the resulting polyurethane foam. This means that the use of Solkane® 365mfc in the system minimizes the cost of raw materials, while providing improved insulating characteristics.
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