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    Liquid sodium glass

    (aqueous alkaline solution of sodium silicates)
    Chemical formula: Na2O(SiO2)n
    Country of origin: Russia
    Conform GOST 13078-81; GOST 18958-73
    Packaging: drums, bulk.

    Sodium liquid glass is an aqueous solution of sodium silicate. The chemical formula is the sum of two oxides: Na2O+SiO2. Liquid glass is a binder and is widely used as a universal glue to connect glass, paper, metal and wood. It is made of silicate stationery glue. In the construction of liquid glass are used as additives and impregnation. Mixtures based on liquid glass used for production of putties and plasters, giving the processed elements of the anti-corrosion properties and protects them from exposure to high temperatures, as well as for waterproofing of slabs, basements and wells. Additive in cement mortars improves their strength and insulating properties. Non-combustible silicate paints based on liquid glass is used for painting areas with mass visiting of people, the manufacture of theater curtains, etc.

    Characteristics In accordance with
    GOST 13078- 81
    In accordance with
    GOST 18958-73
    Silicate module 2,3 — 3,6 2,5 — 4,0
    Density at 200˚C, g/dm3 1,45 — 1,50 1,30 — 1,40
    Silicon dioxide, % 22,7 — 36,7 20,0 — 26,0
    Sodium oxide/potassium, % 7,9 — 13,8 10,2 — 12,5
    Insoluble in water residue, %, max 1,8 1,8

    Warranty period of storage: 1 year from date of manufacture.
    Hazard class: 4 (low hazard substances).
    Within GOST 13078-81 share of liquid glass on three main types:
    - Flowable with silicate module 2,3-2,8;
    - Normal with silicate module 2,8-3,2;
    - High modulus, silica modulus 3,2-3,6.
    The most common sodium liquid glass with silicate module 2,8-3,0 and a density of 1,44-1,48 g/cm3.
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