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    Coolants (antifreeze)

    General information

    Coolant is an aqueous solution used to effect heat transfer. Water it because today the water is up to 70% of the heat carriers in the total mass. The remaining 30% of the coolant is the antifreeze, the freezing components, which are responsible for  the main parameter of any fluid – temperature freezing. Produces adhesives based on ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, as well as a number of other waterless coolants, which are used as the target additives. Simply put, antifreeze is water, the main component (ethylene glycol or propylene glycol), as well as target additives.

    OKACHIM is the official distributor of the "Spektroplast" - the leader in the development and production of modern antifreezes and coolants. We offer antifreeze Spektrogen and coolants ХНТ for industrial and domestic heating systems.

    Сoolant (antifreeze) base Propylene glycol Ethylene glycol
    Base grade
    lifetime 5-7 years
    Spektrogen S-30
    Spektrogen S-40
    Spektrogen S-65
    Spektrogen OG-30
    Spektrogen OG-40
    Spektrogen OG-65
    Energy saving
    lifetime 5-7 лет
    Spektrogen S-30LV
    Spektrogen S-40LV
    Spektrogen S-65LV
    Spektrogen GR-30LV
    Spektrogen GR-40LV
    Spektrogen GR-65LV
    For industrial systems
    lifetime of more than 15 years
    For electric boilers
    lifetime 5-7 лет
    Energy saving heat transfer fluids for industrial systems
    lifetime of more than 15 years
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