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    (TEA, Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)amine)
    Chemical formula: C6H15NO3
    CAS: 102-71-6
    EINECS: 203-049-8

    Triethanolamine — a colorless viscous hygroscopic liquid with a specific amine odour, infinitely miscible with water, soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, bad — in the limiting hydrocarbons, obtained by oksietilirovannye of ammonia. Technical triethanolamine is part of softeners for rubber, fluids, perfumes. Salts triethanolamine and higher fatty acids are used as detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents and lubricants. Technical triethanolamine can also be used as absorbent of acid gases, corrosion inhibitor, accessory material in cement production and as a raw material in a number of organic syntheses.
    Country of origin
    PJSC "Kazanorgsintez"
    drums, IBC, bulk
    TU 2423-168-00203335-2007
    Characteristics Specification Grade A
    Appearance Transparent liquid, opalescence is permissible. Color from yellow to dark brown, allowed a greenish tint
    Colour, HAZEN, max -
    Triethanolamine, %, min 90,0
    Diethanolamine, %, max 9,0
    Monoethanolamine, %, max 1,0
    Water, %, max 0,5
    Density at 20°C, within g/cm3 1,095 - 1,124

    Warranty period of storage: 3 years from manufacturing date.
    Hazard class: 3 (moderately hazardous).
    Transportation: product in bulk transporterowych by road and rail. Product transporterowych in barrels in covered transport facilities by all modes of transport.
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