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    Chemical formula: C6H15N
    Country of origin: China
    Packaging: 150 kg drums
    CAS: 121-44-8

    Triethylamine - catalyzes the formation of polyurethane foams, rubbers and epoxy resins. As flammable and highly flammable liquid finds some applications as rocket fuel mixed with SAMINA, the armed forces referred to as Sameen. Used in the production of mineral fertilizers, herbicides, medicines, paints. Used as a catalyst for the reaction of chemically bonded during the curing process in the foundry and metal rolling industries.

    Characteristics Specification
    Specific gravity at 25°C, g/ml 0,722 - 0,728
    Index of refraction at 25°C 1,370 - 1,430
    Triethylamine, %, min 99,7
    Water, %, max 0,1
    Monoethanolamine, %, max 0,1
    Diethylamine, %, max 0,1
    Ethanol, %, max 0,1
    Colour, APHA, max 10

    Hazard class: 3 (moderately hazardous).
    Warranty period: 3 years from manufacturing date.
    Precautions: optimal storage conditions – a cool place in the absence of sources of ignition. In areas where the substance is not permitted. When contact with the substance in the body in significant amounts are observed in liver, nervous system, kidneys, upper respiratory tract. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse them with clean water, seek medical help. It is prohibited to discharge the substance into the sewer. When working with the substance you need to use gloves and protective clothing, face and eyes are protected by a mask.
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