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    (trichloroethylene technical)
    Chemical formula: C2HCl3
    Manufacturer: BEFAR
    CAS: 79-01-6
    EINECS: 201-167-4

    Trichloroethylene is a good solvent for fats, resins, phosphorus and other chemical elements. Trichloroethylene has an odor of chloroform, a sweet and burning taste. In water it is not soluble. Under the influence of light and air trichloroethylene decomposes into phosgene and halogenated acids. Trichloroethylene used in the manufacture of refrigerants, various acids, herbicides. Trichloroethylene is widely used as solvent dyes, bitumen, resins, phosphorus, and other chemical compounds and substances, and also for degreasing of metal products.
    Country of origin
    Shelf life
    280 kg drums
    1 year from production date
    Characteristics Specification
    Appearance Transparent liquid without mechanical impurities
    Color, ALPA 5
    Density at 20˚C g/cm3 1,463
    Trichloroethylene, % 99,9
    Water, % 0,002
    Alkali (NaOH), % 0,0005
    Distillation (0°, 101,325КРа)
    Initial distillation temperature, ˚С 86,9
    Full distillation temperature, ˚С 87,3
    Temperature of distillation to 95%, ˚С 87,2

    Hazard class: 3 (moderately hazardous).
    Storage and transportation: due to the extremely high toxicity, storage and transport must be carried out in strict accordance with all prescribed safety standards. The direct storage is performed in specialized sealed containers with a lead coating. Trichloroethylene has a relatively small working life, equal to around 4 months.
    precautions and impact: is an extremely toxic substance, any contact with whom requires the use of all prescribed protective measures, the neglect of which can lead to fatal consequences.
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