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    SOLVAY and INEOS merged into INOVYN

    In may 2013, was a momentous event for European and global vinyl chloride industry. Global giants SOLVAY and INEOS have received approval from the European Commission on the strategic Association European vinyl chloride production. Thus appeared the company INOVYN included in the three world leaders in the production of PVC, caustic soda and chlorine derivatives. It was the combined 18 manufacturing sites in France, Belgium, UK, Spain, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden. The proportion of participants in the joint venture shared 50/50.
    It should be noted that for consumers of the products of the joint venture, including in Russia, nothing fundamentally changed. Product quality remains at a consistently high level. AKAHIM, as before, remains the exclusive distributor of a line of chlorine SOLVAY under the brand name INOVYN in Russia and the CIS countries.

    Production facility SOLVAY (INOVYN) - Tavaux, France.
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